national legal alliance

accesspressevent-1In Australia there are eight independent Legal Aid Commissions, one in each of the States and Territories of Australia.
The Directors of the commissions combine at a national level and one of their number is, on an annual rotation basis, elected as Chair.

The Commissions are funded from 3 sources:
  • Commonwealth Government ($128.5 million);
  • State and Territory Governments ($147.8 million); and
  • Interest, contributions and fees ($18.3 million)
They provide services to 3/4 million Australians a year including:
  • Number of people advised 2012-2013 year 238,191;
  • Total number of duty lawyer services 2012-2013 year 232,704; and
  • Total number of people represented in courts/tribunals 2012-2013 year 153,678

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